01  Are you with an escort agency?


No. I am a fully independent escort, not affiliated with any agencies. This is my own business and I reply to all enquiries myself.



02 What are your personal interests?


I am a full-time  student and self employed  so my time is flexible . In my spare hours I walk my dog every morning, I like to read good books, catch up with friends for dinner, brunch or drinks, Build computers and study marketing strategies   


03 What type of man do you like/dislike meeting?


As long as you have good manners and good hygiene I will be more than happy to see you! Having poor manners or being excessively demanding is extremely off-putting. I have the luxury of being selective with my clientele and I have the expectation of being treated with the same respect and kindness that I will always show to you. Poor hygiene is also a pet hate. I will always arrive freshly groomed and smelling sweet. I expect the same from you, including good dental care, a fresh minty breath is a must!  I don’t discriminate based on things like age, race or weight. I find I can have the most incredible chemistry with a wide variety of people.


04 Do you see clients with a disability?


I am more than happy to see clients with disabilities and I plan on completing training provided by Touching Base later on this year. However, please discuss your needs with me in advance so I can ensure I am the right girl for you and so I know what to expect.



Are your photos genuine ?

Yes.  They are recent and 100% real. Like most professional photos they have had a few touch ups, but what you see is what you get!


Can we meet for drinks/lunch/dinner beforehand to get acquainted? Absolutely. Please keep in mind that since I'm a paid companion, I am compensated for my time. That is, the total amount of time we spend together. How you choose to occupy that time is completely up to you. I have special packages for dinner dates which can be found on my rates page.

I would like to be "more than a client" could we meet for a non-professional date? I am unbelievably happy being single & free spirited. While I'm flattered, I prefer to keep our meetings on a professional level. I don't meet "off the clock" and am not looking for a relationship or someone to just hang out with. We can certainly schedule a few hours for an evening out or a getaway trip together, but please keep in mind a donation will be expected in exchange for my companionship & time